Friday, August 4, 2017

When Working At Home With Your Family

Working from home is literally almost impossible some days. You get a mommy come wipe my butt, I want an apple, I need , I need, I need......!!!!! Heeelllpppp!

Don't worry man it'll get better.
So you may think. Trust me, I'll be honest with you. For me it only gets harder.
  •  You become pregnant and worry about the pregnancy and birth. After the baby is here you worry about SIDS and other ailments.
  •  At 1 year you are chasing this little being around and trying to baby proof to only fail when your precious little womb monster gets into the kitty litter box and thinks it's their very own personal sandbox.
  •  The terrible two's come the biting and temper tantrums.
  • The terrorist threes or becoming a threenager comes the "hormonal times" emotions. The whining and potty training that keeps reverting. If you raise your voice the least little bit and your little girl becomes this weird science project gone wrong.

I swore I was done having kids because I had enough hormones going to go around in 10 years. I'll be drowning in feminine products and chocolate every month.
My girls are big sisters now...Yep that's as far as I've gotten before I decided to add another to the mix.
Two 4 year olds and a 14 month old.
What was I thinking??

Back to the topic at hand.
So I started working from home in 2010 for a big name call center. I handled medical insurance claims.
I got cussed out on the daily from people who didn't know me from Adam but everything was always my fault.
Got laid off in 2011 and tried to find other jobs. Yep fast forward to 2012 still no job and I become pregnant. Come 2013 no job but I adopted my niece when I was 7 months pregnant. It was rough. But we made it somehow work.
Skip to 2015. I found this amazing company to be a part of.
I make my own money. I provide for my family. I go on a vacation that I haven't had in 4 years. Not to mention it was at the beach; somewhere I haven't been in 17 years!!!
I was even able to work on vacation here and there because I was free to. Everything was accomplished by my phone and wifi.
Getting paid while you are sleeping beside your family in a beach hotel room is an experience I don't take lightly. It's something I never even would have dreamed of.
It's amazing to say the least.
But the downside is the constant mommy I need you. Sometimes you don't feel that you are spending enough time with your kids. Sometimes the tv IS the baby sitter. Sometimes there is some guilt.
The laundry piles up. The kitchen sink gets full. You don't shower until you begin to smell yourself.
Sometimes life just happens.
What do you do? You remind yourself why you started. You keep pushing harder and never give up.
Why? Because it IS worth it. Because you don't want to go back to getting verbally abused every single day like you did at your old job. 
Because you may be working from your phone a lot, but you are with your family. You are there to hold your baby while she sleeps. To kiss your toddlers booboo's. To great your husband with a kiss every single morning. It really is an amazing life.
Be Thankful for what you have but If you ever want more.. Change your life with me.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ways To Not Treat A Child.

Sometimes a child is born into a family that is way too busy to be noticed. Said child is necessitating love and attention.
 Feeling abandoned and insecure in life. She gets beat up and talked down on. Phrases like "you little bitch" resignate in her mind into her adult years. Feeling worthless is one of the many characteristics left behind from the years of emotional abuse. Then there's the insecurity of can she be a good mother to her children? Who know's right? I mean come on. She lived in a household being called stupid and a little bitch, how could she? 
  • It is an inundating feeling to suppress daily. Reminding herself that her very own kids whom she swore she would never treat how she was treated may very well see the ugly broken side of her someday.

Parenting is hard. Nobody said it was easy; and while you are reaching for your last cup of coffee and your child runs by and knocks it over, remember accidents do happen and the coffee can be replaced. Your children's self worth can not. 
All Photos are not mine but were borrowed off pinterest from no known original source.