Monday, September 25, 2017

Do you need Energy? Tired of the daily struggle to stay awake?

ENERGY! There you have it folks! MY utmost favorite energy drink there is.
As I am feeling a bit tuckered out from having kids and running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I then realize I have an It Works Energy in my fridge! So I pop the top and bring it outside to this beautiful view.

The smell is fruity and the taste in my opinion isn't like some artificial flavoring you'd get with other store bought energy drinks. 

Energy is basically carbonated fruit juice loaded with B vitamins. 

A full spectrum of phytonutrients     • Potent antioxidant-rich polyphenols        • Packed with Vitamin B to support brain function
  • Proprietary Energy blend       • Helps support the body’s ability to sustain natural energy levels

So not only is this energy drink natural and you get your energy from green tea and a healthy dose of B vitamins, it also tastes great!

I know I drink this as if it is a favorite soda.
which means all things in moderation.
The energy I have gotten from this drink gives no crash, or jitters like other store bought drinks I have drank before have.

If you are considering trying out something new that is far healthier to drink to sustain your energy throughout the day please check out GET ENERGY HERE!!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Pregnancy and Periods

Did you know there is only a 30% chance for a woman to get pregnant each month? Did you know most women actually can't tell you when they are fertile? So how do you know when to try for a baby?
  1. Timing
  2. Ovulation kits
  3. Sex
First of all you need to know that day 1 of your cycle is the first day of your period. The day you see red blood all day. 
The last day of your cycle is the day prior to your next full bleed.
I am not going to sit here and say most women are fertile on cycle day 14 like the doctors do. I am no doctor. But I have been through years of infertility to be told I couldn't have a child.

You can ovulate ANY time of the month. Your hormones play a huge part on when you will ovulate. And you must have a leutal phase of at least 9 days minimum for the pregnancy to be viable. On the average 14 days it takes between ovulation and your next period, your body is working overtime.
Your progesterone rises causing your uterine lining to thicken for the upcoming possibility of a pregnancy. This is what you are "bleeding" and what is in those clots during your period when a pregnancy doesn't occur.

When you ovulate, your progesterone will increase. This is what keeps you from shedding that lining when becoming pregnant. 
If you do not get pregnant after ovulation, your progesterone will continue to decrease so that your period can take place.

So now you know the basics.

I am not a doctor. Nor have I had Any certified medical training.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Come One Come ALL

Hello to my life and welcome to my brain. 

If you found your way here by accident, I’m sorry. I think that it is really time to introduce myself.img_3130
Ready for the kicker? I am a weirdo.
I am a married 29 year old
mom who isn't ready to grow up and face this cruel world. I am afraid of a lot and I am
sure in the future I will even write about some of them.

Now, let's begin on why I started a blog..... Well think of it as my own personal diary.
I want to educate people on things I know and have researched, and I want to review things I
Have tried and failed, things I have tried and loved/ or hated.
I have an opinion just like many others and I feel like if I speak on them maybe some other
weirdo’s out there might feel like they have a home on my page and maybe finally feel like they
belong somewhere. I am the black sheep of my family so you guys are all I have outside of my WIFE and MOTHER life here at home.
As I rub my tired eyes and start my day first thing with COFFEE and LOTS of it!!!img_1027
My brain was in so much of a fog that when I was on my FIRST period since I had my
Daughter 4 months after. I applied a pad to my panties but forget to attach the wings. Yep ladies, don't get ahead of me here, I see
You already know what flow overrun and I soiled the couch. Good thing I had a
Red couch!
After that, I looked into my bathroom mirror while brushing my teeth and yelled at myself (in my head of course)

There you have it my friends. Really breathe in the air and listen to the birds chirping or the cars passing by.
Both sound amazingly calming to me. You really have to stop chasing everything in the world and just stand still and let life happen. (Even when your pad runneth over)
You are the author of your life and you are in control. You need to take a stand and figure out if you want to stay in the negative feel sorry for me world you are in or if you want to become self-reliant and realize you can do great things and will be phenomenal at anything you set your mind to.

Monday, September 4, 2017

I am the 1 in 4

I AM THE 1 IN 4!
I know what it's like to encounter every day wishing I didn't wake up. I know what it's like to think about a divorce because my husband deserves to be a father, and knowing he would make a great dad made it all worse. 

Feeling like my body failed me and like it was somehow my fault because it was my body that couldn't keep my babies safe.
It was my body that killed my babies. The babies I have tried to create for 6 years. The future children of ours that my body took from us. Oh the heartache. The photo above was borrowed from Facebook on a public page.
I lost a baby in my 3rd-4th months in pregnancy. There are so many things you wonder. How tall would they be now? Would they have brown eyes or blue, maybe even hazel? What would their favorite color be and who would they look up to?

It's a mess. I am a mess.

When October comes I will be writing a new post. Information will be more updated, and more statistical information will be added. I will be lighting a candle at 7pm on October 15th in remembrance of my children whom I never got to raise. I will photograph it and put it on social media #Waveoflight. If you would like to follow me on Instagram as well I am @meangreenmamamachine
I want to pay respects to all of us broken mamas out there who need to know we are not alone.

Remember that losing your child isn't your fault. We all grasp at straws to place blame with this kind of hurt happens. But blaming yourself won't bring your baby back. Use this unfortunate event to become stronger and speak out. Most people think it's rare but in reality it isn't. The more we speak the more they know. The more we know as well.

I am not alone.... YOU ARE NOT ALONE.