Friday, July 28, 2017

Breast is best...Or Is It?

So, There is a debate always going on between moms. Tell me you haven’t noticed if you're a mom. (Insert Eyeroll)images (1).jpg
We as moms should be uplifting each other and just be glad that we are feeding our children but NO WE ARE SHAMING FORMULA MOMS. Why? Would you rather someone’s baby die of starvation due to the fact you think formula is beneath you?  I agree there’s many ways of getting breast milk; however some of these options are unsafe or costly for the parents. Don’t give me that “Well if you can’t afford the baby then you shouldn’t have had it bullshit!”
So here are pros and cons on Breast Feeding;


1. Cuts back on ear infections due to its natural antibodies in the milk
2. Easier to digest.
3. Can lower the risk of SIDS
4. Higher IQ
5. Less likely to become obese in later childhood early adulthood.
6. Moms reduce their breast and ovarian cancer rate.
7. The bond between mom and baby.

1. Time Consuming- Because moms are always feeding or pumping and scheduling the next feed.
2. Some moms have supply issues which is an emotional roller coaster.
3. Colic can and does still happen
4. Mom sometimes has to have a strict diet due to baby having food or dairy intolerances.
5. Unless mom is producing enough to pump feedings will only involve mom.
6. If you work, you will have to pump in the breakroom/bathroom half the time.
7.  You can not drink alcohol/or have to limit your intake.
8. There is a technique to a proper latch.

Formula feeding PROS

1. Guaranteed nutrition in formula that isn’t missed if mother's diet is lacking.
2. Baby stays satisfied longer which means more sleep for mom.
3. Very rare will you find that baby is allergic to the formula or something in it.
4. Moms can go back to work
5. Can be supplied to you if you are low income

  1. BPA contamination associated with ADHD (via 2007 study although I did not find any further research)
  2. Can host harmful bacteria via the CDC
  3. Cost
  4. Bottles to clean
  5. Possibility of higher chances higher BMI in late childhood early adulthood.

"The belief that babies who are breastfed have advantages in their cognitive development, in particular, has been a topic of debate for over a century now," said Lisa-Christine Girard, the lead researcher on the new study.
Her team found that 3- and 5-year-olds who'd been breast-fed did, in fact, score higher on tests of vocabulary and problem-solving. The children also typically had fewer behavioral issues, based on parents' ratings.
But most of those connections seemed to be explained by other factors -- such as the mother's' education and the family's social class.

“Article on research within siblings differences between breastmilk and formula.”

The above article was done in research within samples of families who have BOTH breastfed and formula fed children within the same household. The findings were shows there were benefits to breastfeeding but not as high as previous research had shown in the past.

‘Above Whole article’

I am a mom who bottle fed my first child, breastfed my second with supplementation for a year, and breastfed my third child for 3 weeks and then switched to formula and I will give you an example on my findings within my home.

Child A.  Four year old female: Hyperactive, No allergies, Very intelligent however does have a speech delay.
Child B. Four year old female: Calm and collected, More allergies than you can shake a stick at, Slower growth chart, Speech is very clear.
Child C. 1 year old female: Motor development is a bit lacking for her age but still within the “normal” charts via pediatrician, Slight skin allergy so far of unknown cause very intermittent, Normal speech pattern for her age range.

Worldwide, there are many regulations relating to food safety. Foods are not regulated in relation to their effectiveness.

Their producers generally do not make explicit claims regarding their effectiveness, and proof of effectiveness is not required before they are marketed. Governments have taken this approach to the regulation of infant formula, so the manufacturers are not required to demonstrate that infant formula is nutritionally adequate in the sense of ensuring intellectual development, vision, and immune system development comparable to that obtained with breastfeeding. This is why barely if any research has been done or even can be found on the proof that formula is even ok.

Again I am not against formula one bit. There are many infants that wouldn’t survive without it.
But what we need is more research on it to make it safer and more nutritional because we do know; our babies aren’t a one size fits all. images.jpgFormula is so generic that who knows if we are providing the best one and how would we know without the science proven facts? WE need to raise awareness and demand stricter guidelines and more research to be done so WE can make sure our babies are getting the best. Don’t you agree?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Just A Pyramid Scheme

"It's just another pyramid scheme."
 I have heard this so many times it makes my head spin. When it comes to my livelihood I take offense to that statement. I have done so much research on a lot of things, so why would the company I am a part of BE any different?
Here's the thing! 

Sometimes people mistaken multilevel marketing a pyramid scheme because of the last three boxes on the right (see above)
  1. Promises large earnings with little effort. 
  2. Poor or nonexistent training.
  3. Often aggressive in its approach and may even use false information to make a sale. Deadlines that aren't true to urge people to not think before they buy. 
So, there are some that may mingle together a bit but that is not necessarily the companies fault but so called leaders playing telephone. The message gets lost in transition along the way.
 Dammit stop saying it! The words get old quick. I sell a product (lots actually). I provide jobs. I bust my ass for what I get paid. Sometimes it's great and sometimes it sucks.
It is really all in the effort that I put in.  Pyramid  schemes usually sound way to good to be true. Well duh!! Oh and did I meantion they are illegal? Cuz they are! MLM businesses are goal oriented and very hard work at times and easily can take over your outside job. Perfectly legal.  It is all about being consistent and believing in the opportunity.
You shouldn't have to convince anyone to purchase anything from you. So if you ever feel the need to mass message people and give them false info to gain monetary benefit.... you may want to reevaluate your life because that's not how my business works, Or any real MLM for that matter.
Special thanks to James Lout